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Dear friend,

It is a pleasure to acquaint you with this proposal for the purpose of investment in your company. I am mr.koko the son of late Chief Godwin Andrew Bonny, who was a popular business magnet in Sierra Leone.Before the outbreak of the war in our country my father was planing to expand his business in our country with the money from his diamond business.As the war continue and the distruction that follows,his plan to invest the money in the expansion of his business in our country was frustrated.Our once a peaceful country was no longer safe for investment.This was his reason for moving the money out of Sierra leone to other peaceful area in west Africa and the ideal place then was Togo.He then deposited the total sum of US$21.million with a security company in Lome-Togo with the hope of estending his business with the money the money there. His involment in resolving the problem in our country did not permit him to have the full concertration on his plan of expanding his busines and the war too distabilised totally the whole thing and my father was killed by the Rabels without fulfilling the implimentation of that plan.He however gave me a very stronge instruction before his death that the money should be used purely for business and no part of it should be used in anyway to support directly or indirectly the promotion of anything that is inhuman.This is the reason I have chosen to contact you having been given the assurance that your business involment forbid inhuman activities. I'm presently here in Lome Togo with my sister seeking for a reliable and trustworthy individual or company to assist in the transfer of the said amount of money to their country for safe-keeping and assist us to relocate to their country. We have a primary aim of establishing viable business with the money,this actually is the reason we need your assistance with the hope that you will honestly handle the affair to the satisfactory of both you and us. We have set aside for you 30% of the total sum as a reward for your assistance.I would like us to work as family with one mind as this box is the only legacy of my father I am able to safeguard from the destructive rabels lead by Fodeh SANKOH and we have resolved not to gamble with it for any reason.

Please as soon as you receive this message, you should endeavour get back to me through phone +228 9112911 first for more details and clearification.

Thanks and God bless.

Yours faithfully,