March 27, 2004. 23:02

How much for your women??
Oregon Statute of the Day...

165.825 Sale of drugged horse. (1) No person shall sell or offer for sale any horse that is drugged, tranquilized or otherwise sedated without the consent of the buyer.

(2) Violation of subsection (1) of this section is a misdemeanor. [1971 c.175 §§1,2]
yes...I wish to purchase a doped horse.

Blizard1234: have you had a good break?
BeatleCeeta: oui
Blizard1234: gesundheit

March 27, 2004. 04:20

back at the stomping grounds in Al Urdun
So I've been up all night on nothing but tortilla chips, hummus, oatmeal and the thrill of getting shit done. I got two health assignments taken care of and a ton of stuff done for MUN credentialling (for the glorious Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, long live King Abdallah II!). So, I'm feeling pretty (that's "pretty" with each syllable pronounced seperately and the "t" pronounced twice, like "prit-tee") damn good right about now, even though my eyes are doing that weird molasses thing.

Winamp Radio is my savior

March 25, 2004. 22:36

this program has been brought to you by...
Got a new WTSDBA:


  1. Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective.
  2. Careless and irresponsible.
Linton is a feckless young lad, who would probably suffer a grand mal seizure if one were to slap him in the face with even remote enthusiasm.

March 23, 2004. 14:37

It's like morphine, sans rehab.
I had gotten to a point where I'd entirely forgotten what it was like not to be running my ass around trying to do three million things. I repent. I love spring break more than life itself, I think. Well, maybe it's more the absence of school. Spring tends to happen whether we're enjoying it or not. Add to that the fact that weather is very non-abysmal and very condusive to frisbee, hiking, bikings, etc and I can almost hear the coils of tension unwind. I don't even care that I have a lot of fucking health and history assignments to do. I'm on my own time, which somehow makes it better. As Calvin said, "if nobody makes you do it, it doesn't count as work." Today, I woke up at noon and power-washed the green stuff off the back deck. That seems like too much fun to count as work, especially if it's sunny out. I mean, seriously, you get to play with a jet of extremely high-powered water.

Peace out, dawgs.

March 16th, 2004. 17:24

A Different Breed of Sandwich
The MPNC rocked (or JBMPNC, rather). It rocked even despite the fact that we hadn't the foggiest idea what we were supposed to do for probably a bit too long. But I blame that on the dirty old man. It just goes to show try to do your best. You try to have a system. But in the end, you can't win. But the cool part was, even though some people were majorly pissed at the CRC for a bit there, they wouldn't have been pissed if they weren't totally into what they were doing. When the shit hits the proverbial fan, nobody guarantees that it will be evenly distributed, this much I have learned.

It's just a cool feeling to have something to do that you can really throw yourself into. It was just MPNC for three days with no distractions (except for that paper, bah). It's very easy to forget that it's a simulation, with all the people and demonstrations and cultists and whatnot. I'd like to add an official testimony for shall keep thee sane. Maybe MUN is on my horizons...who knows.

The Wind Ensemble rocked fairly hard at UO on Saturday. We got three state-qualifying scores (one being an 88, holy shit!) so prospects are good. The downside to sandwiching the MPNC with two WE festivals (three, if you count Pacific Crest) is that it leaves very little room for homework. Que sera sera. This is the life I have chosen.

Compliance Review Commission: Whatever color you like, as long as it's black.

March 9th, 2004. 22:24

Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll.
Convention tomorrow. I'm liking this time of year. Last week, I went to school 2 days. This week, 1 day. And spring break approacheth.

OSU was cool, sort of. I thought we played alright, but apparently Sir Vandehye thinks we're a mite loud. No shit. We have 5 fucking trombones covering three parts. I could have told you that one. We broke in Dan's virgin frisbee on the lawn outside the arts center. I do love a good frisbee deflowering. For the record, Brian Miller drew first blood. I practiced diving, which is a lot harder than they make it look on tv and even less practical. On the three hour bus ride home, I read "Their Eyes Were Watching God." It's mostly about sex, as is just about everything we read in that class. You don't even realize some of the innuendos until you get the full skinny.

I recommend: List of AP English Essay Questions.

March 5th, 2004. 20:25

Thank god finals are finally over. This has been the longest week of my life.

Check these guys out. It's a band called Lapdog, which is partly composed of past members of the band Toad the Wet Sprocket, including the lead singer. Who the hell is Toad the Wet Sprocket, you ask? As far as I know, their only really ubiquitous song was that ballad that gets played at middle school dances ("All I Want (is to be with you)") but they've done a lot of much better stuff too.

Anyway, Lapdog's style is very mellow and they're really a very talented bunch. Very good grasp of tone and harmonics, which is not necessarily a given these days. You can sample some of Lapdog's music here.

March 4th, 2004. 22:07

Good fun, that.
AOL created these chat robots that you can talk to if you're lonely and have no friends. They're really quite fun. Check em out here.

I went to Errol Hassel to help out with the kiddie science fair in an attempt to save my AP Chem grade. It was actually fairly cool. I hung out with the turtles. There was a tortoise there that was 129 years old. What a trip...

I found out today that Wynton is in town. Fuck, why don't people tell me these things? I need to get out more. Or get a fake ID so I can get into jazz clubs. That would be good too.

March 4th, 2004. 0:00

And now, a brief repose.
Contrary to appearance, I don't only update my site when I'm pissed. A lot of people do that and I feel that it sort of misrepresents them. Unless you really are an angry angry person. Which is cool too.

Here is my life over the last few weeks in 50 words or less:
Mock convention us history no sleep john kerry pacific crest dr. tuttle holy shit i want to do pyjo science project finals sweet blessed death.

We might need to drill some new hoes

DeltaU=Q-W or DeltaE=q+w. Which is it?!?!?!

I don't think i'm losing my mind...not quite yet, at any rate. rate=([A]^a*[B]^b)/([C]^c*[D]^d)
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