January 28, 2004. 21:41

John Kerry is gaining momentum, they say.
P=mv, where P=momentum, m=mass, v=velocity

The below percentages are % popularity based on a poll by the American Research Group in December and January.

For example, take Kerry...
velocity = 15%/month
mass= 17%
15*17=255%^2/month = 255$.

$ is the symbol for the SI unit for political momentum, the politikum. This is not to be confused with $255.00, which is 255 dollars (a related concept, but different unit entirely). *note: Gephart, Braun, Sharpton and Kucinitch all have P=0. However, Gephardt and Braun have this value because they dropped out. Sharpton and Kucinitch have this value because they are apparently unpopular.

Using the formula for political momentum, I predict Edwards, Kerry and Dean to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the next primary. While Clark has such a low P, he should not be counted out quite yet as he does have the largest political mass. Also, one must take into account location, scandals and campaigning. Also, the above values would probably change considerably if delta T was smaller. Above, delta T is a whole month. If it was more like a day or a week, it would be a much better indicator. But hey, politics isn't an exact science, as hard as we try...

January 26, 2004. 23:35

Always in Season
Here's Dan and my idea for a shirt. We should really get rolling on this. I don't know whether we'd be kicked out of school for allusions to violence or being partison.

"I don't see any reason not to leave." -- Anthony Mills, the CRC's fearless advisor upon making his exit.

January 25, 2004. 22:42

Short Weeks Rock
I just realized that I only have to go to school two days next week. Monday is a teacher inservice day (i.e. staff volleyball tourney) and thursday and friday are All-State. Hell yeah.

I guess I better learn my music.

January 18, 2004. 14:34

Two Modest Proposals
  1. "That reminds me of how much I hate babies. Why does everyone want to save them? There are too many babies. I'm not saying we should kill them, but if you happen to be giving your baby a bath and the phone rings.. well, nobody will judge you. Besides, you might get free brownies out of it at the funeral, and brownies rule."--Maddox
  2. A Modest Proposal - Jonathon Swift

January 16, 2004. 0:56

Good gravy, this is fun. I just blew an hour of my life here.

You know you're old when everything you play in jazz band, you've already played before. And it has stuff you wrote on it. 4 years ago.

We need to come with a good class motto, or somebody from leadership is going to pull out Ye Olde Book 'o Sappy Mottos and we'll have something like, "Overcoming adversity to strive for excellence."

January 13, 2004. 23:13

Running is a mental sport - we're all insane.
Went running for the second time since cross country let out, about 2 months ago. It was painful, but not as painful as it could have been and for that I am thankful. My route: 185th, Bany, 170th, Oak/Davis, 160th, Division, cut through the fence, Farmington, Kinnaman...probably about 5 miles. I learned that training shoes (especially old, worn down ones such as mine) hold very little grip against the snow, even though it was pretty soft. It's sort of like running on the beach where every step sinks a bit. I hate that - running on the beach sucks. It seams like you see commercials all the time for something or other (usually pain medication) where people are running on the beach and generally enjoying themselves. Bullshit. Running on sand is the most counterproductive feeling ever and it blows. Not to mention, when was the last time you ever saw a runner smiling?

While I'm bitching about running, here's another gripe. I hate people who yell crap out their windows as they drive by. 9 times out of 10, it's entirely unintelligible. The other one time, you can't understand it anyway because the sound gets distorted as they approach and pass you (I know there's a name for that effect, it's what makes ambulances change pitch). Now, it may be somebody you know, which is usually cool. But, more often that not, it's some fat jackass (or a carload of fat jackasses) in his crappy souped-up Supra who thinks he's somehow better than you because he'll die from high cholesterol sooner than you will. Seriously folks, if you're going to sit around all day on your fat ass, don't think for a second that you have any grounds to be an idiot. Maybe if Steve Prefontaine drove by and yelled at me, that would be all right. But since he's dead, the chances of that happening aren't looking too good.

January 12, 2004. 00:41

A Solution
I stayed up too late again reading The Best Page in the Universe. I'm going to sleep now, but I'm going to quickly plug the following.

POW! is a pop-up blocker. It's small, unobtrusive, effective and free. No ad-supported spyware shit, just a down-to-earth good utility. I'm not getting paid to say this, really. I use it and it rules. It almost makes tripod bearable. Download it here (214k).

School tomorrow...probably.

January 11, 2004. 18:19

Here's Johnny(cakes).
Finished my last application essay...I hope. Now for scholarship essays. It never freaking ends. Never. There's no hope. Turn back now, little kiddies, you'll never be this happy again. Of course cynicism is a widely marketable quality to most colleges, keep that it mind too.

Oh yes. This, I decree, shall be the new lay-out for a while. Until I get tired of it. I'm going with a more spartan approach now. I dunno, next year I'll probably abandon the whole project and sell it off to the highest bidder.