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Kvetch and Kvell what?

05.26.03 KVETCH:
     You know those backpacks with little wheels and a handle so you don't have to carry them? I've got to say that from the other students' perspective, these back savers are a bain to society and western civilization as we know it. They exude an attitude that the wearer puller thinks him/herself above the bourgoise and cannot be bothered to shlep around 50lbs of books like the rest of us. Also, the average "backpack puller" (hereafter reffered to as "BPP") takes up about twice as much room as a normal student because of the caravan behind them. Unless you enjoy wasting your passing time stalled up in C hall, you probably resent any factors that lead to increasingly plugged up traffic. Additionally, a rolling backpack is ten times more likely to trip somebody than your average freshmen. If the world were a fair place, BPP's would be required to use alternate routes so we would't have to look at deal with them.

Vote "no" for aristocracy. Vote "no" for bottlenecks. Vote "no" for road hazards.