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Today is national happy day. I was thinking about those little freebie AOL cd's you can find anywhere, so, in celebration, here are some things to do when you're up at 2:00am freakin' out...or anytime.Note: Stapler Fight certainly does not advocate the use of any illegal substances, alcohol, or small dogs.

Things to do with AOL CD's
·Wallpaper your room (i'm actually in the process of doing just that)
·See how many you can eat in an hour.
·Use one to flash light into pedestrians' eyes (don't blame me if you cause a car crash)
·Hand them out just on the outside border of a middle school (a la bible-people)
·Throw them like frisbees.
·Make a puppet.
·Throw them out a 12 story building. Watch and laugh as they splinter on the ground.
·Try to use them as currency in a store.
·Keep one in your wallet, just in case.
·Build a sculpture on your front lawn.
·Shingle your house.
·Leave them under people's windshield wiper blades.
·Leave them in mailboxes. (don't get caught, it's illegal to open somebody's mailbox)
·Nail them to telephone poles downtown among the posters and fliers.
·See if they float.
·Sharpen one and use it to make yourself a sandwich.
·Two words: Space Suit.
·Two more words: Disco Ball.

Check out the brand spankin new message board hot out of testing. I didn't think there would be enough people online simultaneously for a chat room, so this is the next best thing. And it's a pretty sweet little system the good folks at Proboards.com have going anyways. I think you'll like. Go on, try it.

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·Music: Mario Medley.
By the way...you can vote more than once if you so feel inclined.

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