StaplerFight - Helpdesk.

Tips and Info:

Llary, the helpllama.

· I work hard to make sure everything is proof-read and either visually appealing or in the process of becoming so. If you find mistakes or just have suggestions, please let me know by either signing the guestbook, or sending me email. (BenLizard@yahoo.com)

· The almost unnoticable "back" button in the top frame will return you to the home page. This is useful if you get lost, or I don't provide a way back. I also don't think it's too much to expect of the average user's intelligence to know how to hit the "back" button at the top of the browser.

· I update this site a few times a week. Check back often. Every day if you want to. Otherwise, you'll likely miss out on something quite possibly funny or insightful.

· I try to maintain a somewhat PG-13 rating on this site, but I may stray sometimes. Please forgive me and also remember that I obviously can't be held responsible for the sites I link to (except for linking them in the first place).

· I like to hear from my visitors. Good, bad, whatever. If I don't know what people want, I can't give it to them. Visitor feedback is what gets me through to the next day. Otherwise, I cry myself to sleep.

· I'm sorry about the pop-ups. Maybe if somebody bought a freaking t-shirt, I could scrap together enough money to buy a domain or at least bribe tripod to lay off on the ads. Cool t-shirt designs are on the way, I promise. They'll probably feature Joe the Sock or this other logo I drafted.

· My ultimate goal of this site is to make an impact on people. When I see that some dude from Kuwait has made multiple visits to this site, that touches me. But not in a bad way, it's the kind of touch you get when a blind guy asks a fire hydrant for spare change. Deep down, you know it's wrong to laugh, but hey, it's funny.