Note: The images will show up as little x-boxes because they're on my hard drive, not on Tripod. As soon as i get time, i'll convert them to jpegs and put em up. They're pretty much what you saw on the homepage. As for the options's just a shell i put up so i could design the format. In other words, nothing really does anything...yet.

Here is some of logic i plan to use for the computer to know how run the program...
Level 1 - Charging
Level 2 - Blocking or Firing (firing requires "chargetally" > 0 and
sets "chargetally" to "0" once executed)
Level 3 - Super Mega Bomb (the S.M.B.). S.M.B. requires "chargetally" > 2

Offensive actions can ovecome defensive/offensive only of a lower level. For
example, blocking can cancel a fire, but not an SMB. Similarly, fires cancel each
other, but can't stand up to an SMB. Firing can kill overcome charging. It's like
an evolved version of rock-paper-scissors.


Speed (1-5) =
Play to...
Time limit? ( seconds)
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Computer Points:
Street Fighter, ©2001, Ben Cohn

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