Machine is started when hydrochloric acid (e) drips onto the tissue paper frame (f) which supports the egg (g). When the paper dissolves, the egg starts rolling down the ramp (h) hitting the lever (i), which goes through the ramp plane. The other end of the lever starts the car (j) going down another ramp (k). Meanwhile, the egg has fallen into the basket (l). The car reaches the end of its ramp and falls into the paper bag (m), pulling the scissors (n) shut, cutting the thread (o) that was held taught by the weight (p). With the basket no longer anchored down, another much lighter weight (q) falls down, catapulting the egg into the air (r). Over the course of its trajectory, the egg hits a hammer or other such hard object (s) and breaks (t). The remains fall into a sieve (u), which filters out the shell. The liquids fall through (v) and into the pan (w), where they cook. The pan could be heated by a bonfire or by electricity. I think we have an electric skillet that would do, but I'll take any excuse to make a fire.