2002 Quarter Annual Fiscal Report: Stapler Fight

Site Hosting Free from tripod $0
Content/Ideas Self-generated $0
Graphics stolen/self-drawn $0
Counter Free from tripod $0
Guestbook Free from tripod $0
Pineapple Poll Free from tripod $0
Rock Free $0
Javascripts stolen / used w/ permission $0
Music Stolen from other wesbites $0
Search engine submission ?????????? $0
Subtotal $0
Offers to buy miniseries rights: none $0
Offers to buy book rights: none $0
Rock sales: none paid for $0
Whoring $0
Job offers: none $0
HTML Tutoring $0
TRB Tutoring $0
Web site commisions: none $0
Black market $0
Offers to endorse athletic wear: none $0
Subtotal $0
Total Profits


·As the current revenue exactly matches the current expenses, Stapler Fight's general trend is at zero and can no longer be seen as a profitable endeaver. Continuation of Stapler Fight's current contract will be discussed at the next meeting.