PresidentYears In Office   Party
1.George Washington1789-1797 Federalist
2.John Adams1797-1801Federalist
3.Thomas Jefferson1801-1809Democratic-Republican
4.James Madison1809-1817Democratic-Republican
5.James Monroe1817-1825Democratic-Republican
6.John Quincy Adams1825-1829Democratic-Republican
7.Andrew Jackson1829-1837Democrat
8.Martin Van Buren1837-1841Democrat
9.William Henry Harrison1841Whig
10.John Tyler1841-1845Whig
11.James Knox Polk1845-1849Democrat
12.Zachary Taylor1849-1850Whig
13.Millard Fillmore1850-1853Whig
14.Franklin Pierce1853-1857Democrat
15.James Buchanan1857-1861Democrat
16.Abraham Lincoln1861-1865Republican
17.Andrew Johnson1865-1869Democrat
18.Ulysses Simpson Grant1869-1877Republican
19.Rutherford Birchard Hayes1877-1881Republican
20.James Abram Garfield1881Republican
21.Chester Alan Arthur1881-1885Republican
22.Grover Cleveland1885-1889Democrat
23.Benjamin Harrison1889-1893Republican
24.Grover Cleveland1893-1897Republican
25.William McKinley1897-1901Republican
26.Theodore Roosevelt1901-1909Republican
27.William Howard Taft1909-1913Republican
28.Woodrow Wilson1913-1921Democrat
29.Warren Gamaliel Harding1921-1923Republican
30.Calvin Coolidge1923-1929Republican
31.Herbert Clark Hoover1929-1933Republican
32.Franklin Delano Roosevelt1933-1945Democrat
33.Harry S. Truman1945-1953Democrat
34.Dwight David Eisenhower1953-1961Republican
35.John Fitzgerald Kennedy1961-1963Democrat
36.Lyndon Baines Johnson1963-1969Democrat
37.Richard Milhous Nixon1969-1974Republican
38.Gerald Rudolph Ford1974-1977Republican
39.James Earl Carter Jr.1977-1981Democrat
40.Ronald Wilson Reagan1981-1989Republican
41.George Herbert Walker Bush1989-1993Republican
42.William Jefferson Clinton1993-2001Democrat
43.George Walker Bush2001-Republican

I am trying to memorize the presidents, the years they served and their parties for AP US History. As it turns out, there're a lot of different ways to memorize information. Here're a few all-encompassing mnemonics that I thought were funny:

1. Which Angel Jumped Marilyn Monroe After Joe Vanished?
2. Heavy Tanks Pushed The French Past British Lines.
3. John Glenn Helps Giant Aliens Catch Hairy Cats.
4. Monica Runs Through White House Carrying Hillary's Report.
5. The Evil King Jogs Nude For "Cool" Recreation.
Sentence cue: White House Janitor Mops The Bathroom

Also, you can use image-association. For a good explanation, go here. The way it works is, you assign each piece of information a memorably odd image and then link them together chronologically. For the dates, you can use something they call pseudonumerology. It almost makes sense.

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