The Coolest Pit in the World

Motto: Graingerus Mortus, ¡viva la revolución!
(Death to Grainger, long live the revolution!
Minutes from the february 20 meeting: Los minutos del 21 de febrero... ¿No hables español? Minutes from the february 24 meeting: February 25 minutes: February 26 minutes: February 27 minutes:

An Interview with an Anonymous Victim:
Q: Can you basically outline what happened, please?
A: I was driving. Mrs. Ross cut me off, then proceeded to honk, gave me dirty looks and, uh, gave me the bird.
Q: That sounds traumatizing. How did you feel after that?
A: I was a little bit shocked, a little surprised.
Q: I see. And were any of these vulgar actions any fault of your own?
A: Hard to say, probably not though. I was pretty much minding my own business.
Q: Have you ever had Mrs. Ross for a teacher?
A: and a half.
Q: Was that a pleasant experience?
A: Besides the failing part, yeah.
Q: Did she ever flip you off in class?
A: no
Q: Too bad. That would've been cool. Any further comments?
A: That's pretty much the whole story. I'm basically just a law-abiding citizen.
Q: well, that's all the time we have. Thanks for sharing your tragic story.

The rules...

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Note: Non-believers will be sacrificed upon an altar of old pep band books lit on fire surrounded by incense of cup-o-noodles. Prostrate yourself upon our greatness.
A portrait of paul

         ||  //       |
         ||/ //     __|
         |||@//   /_*|
         ||\          .\
         \|           |
           \|        <
         /           |
         |           |
         |           |
         |   |       |
         |   |       |
         \   |\      |
          \    \______
           \         _|  <-- hand badly mangled in train accident.

drawn by ben

Strip your self

--sign on the wall

On March 15, 2003, some 20 pit musicians met a gruesome fate as they died of boredom.

Added post-last show:
Ben's Handy Guide to Hebrew Phrases.
Gentile"Player hater"
Mazel Tov"word to your mother."
L'Chaim"open bar"