The Best Sites Ever.
These sites are the best of the best. I chose them because they have orginal or useful content and generally keep ads at a minimum (unlike mine because because I'm cheap). Most of them tend to updated fairly frequently and resultantly, you'll find yourself repeatedly checking them for updates. This is not your typical link collection-- these are the best of the best.
Ze's Page
·What can I say? There's something in this site for everyone. Updated fairly frequently, this site features interesting flash movies, games, opticals and more. My favorites include "your momma","supahbad", and "snm#1." You could easily spend a rainy afternoon here.
·Unless you've been hiding under a rock since third grade, you probably know all about this site. A comprehensive list of analysis and study guides for many topics from classic lit to algebra. Written by Harvard students and graduates, it's like the Cliffs notes of the internet.

Note: Other similar online sources I liked well enough to mention but not well enought to give seperate spaces are:
· (click on "Classicnotes")
Xiao Xiao
·Most everybody is familiar with Xiao Xiao 3, but almost nobody has seen it via the author's original site. Watch Xiao Xiao 3 plus all the rest for your stick death satisfaction. Just use the menu at the left of the screen, it's all in Chinese.
·A sweet little pseudo 3D snowball fight. You control a small swat team of three red kids against dozens of green kids. They're not that smart but there's a heck of a lot of 'em. Check it out, it's quite addictive although if you don't have a decent mouse it could be a bit frustrating.Note: Snowcraft seems to be down at the moment. I'm sure there are many other places you can find it, just do a search. Shouldn't take long.
·Design 2D robots and let 'em loose. You control the gravity, and flexibility and more. Let your creative side run wild or just check out some of the creatures other people have created.
Digital Blasphemy
·A wide variety of very cool computer rendered landscapes and such. These are great for desktop wallpaper or website backgrounds (with permission). Topics include space, fantasy, nature and history. It's really well done, one of the best cg sites out there.
·This site is pretty much a bunch of calculators that do things you thought you'd have to do by hand. Quite useful at the higher level math classes. It's really not that innovative or creative, but the usefullness makes up for all that. This is your last resort.
·The official site of the band, They Might Be Giants. It's an extremely creative flash-based site where you can see/hear stuff about the band. Click on the little ear for a jukebox of sorts. Good stuff.
·Make a haiku, get your DADA fortune, send and recieve anonymous messages, find the SPAM!. You could easily spend an hour there (I did).
·JoeCartoon rules. If you haven't seen it yet, you better click here quick before somebody finds out. As a side note, if you have an aversion to blood or expletives, maybe you should go here instead.
Octane Creative
·I'm almost 100% sure this is a site worthy of this list, but i couldn't resist. If you like duct tape, this site is for you. If you like practical jokes, then this site is for you. If you like killing beanie babies or making fun of Jessie "the body" Ventura, then this site is definately for you. Enjoy.
I will be adding sites to this list as I find them, so check back often. If you know of a site worthy to be on this list, send it for evaluation to
The Rest
A great place to learn html
Mathcounts official website
Music Robot
An excellant MIDI search engine
Troop 739
All about BSA Troop 739 (Under Construction)
Modern Humorist
A very funny website about today's issues
Card tricks galore
A Gadzillion Things to Think About
Humorous observations on life
Not everything...but reliable links. Definately worth a look.
Wanna know, here's (e)how...
My Biology project.
Got a hankering for a BigMac? Read this.
Ze's Page
A very cool page full of interesting/humorous stuff.
Kristin Ipes
Some chick from TX. But she signed my guestbook, so damnit! She gets a link!
Curt's Damn Spiffy Web Page
Curtis' site. What are you waiting for? Go see it, ass.
Real Ultimate Power
All about ninjas, very funny.
Mark's Deadjournal
Rather interesting peep into the life of my good friend, Mark.
Scott's Site
Very funny, lots of chickens.

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