These are zipped word documents. If you need it in a different format, please let me know. Please don't plaguarize, it doesn't fool anybody.

The Elephant Man - Bernard Pomerance
Note: This draft appears to be incomplete. However, 90% of it is the way the final draft is, so it should be useful. I'm really not sure where the final one is, but I have the hard copy and will type in whatever's missing sooner or later. Probably later.
·The Joseph Carey Merrick Tribute Web Site
·The Elephant House
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The Bear - William Faulkner
Note: This is a mythic evaluation of Faulkner's "The Bear." It's not really a full blown essay, but some might find it useful.
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Stuff from AP English:

Wuthering Heights (Bronte) - Class presentation recap
The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway) - a "real" essay/lit analysis
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Stapler Fight