BAMF International

BAMF Intl.

Are you a BAMF? Well, you've come to the right place. BAMF International is the place for any and all who qualify. Refer to the following list to see if you too can join the ranks of BAMFs.

You are a BAMF if...

· You drive a motorcycle. That's just cool.
· You play trombone.
· You can burp on command (Or genuinely wish you could.)
· You listen to metallica and punk bands (that's a given), but you're not ashamed to admit you like a few of the oldies too.
· You are a Navy Seal.
· You think designer cell phones are ridiculous.
· You backpack, hike, ski, board, surf, skydive, bike, canoe, play ultimate frisbee, rugby, or soccer, kayak or run regularly.
· Hot sauce is not a rite of passing.
· You are a lumberjack, or a pirate, or a ninja.
· You think Teenage Mutatant Ninja Turtles are cool.
· You just don't give a damn.
what a bad ass mutherfucker

Congratulations, you're not a pussy. Go ahead and take the little BAMF image you used to get here (or if you came by some other bad ass way, get it here.) Put it up on your webpage, frame it, blow your nose on it, make it your own. You earned it. If you're still not sure about your BAMFhood, better read on.

You are not a BAMF if...

· You drive an impala.
· You have lame-ass bumper stickers (i.e. ones that don't attack political screw-ups or ones that have weak sayings on them).
· You have used a stamp to sign your name, or a label to write your address.
· You use a fork to eat pizza. or french fries.
· People regularly call you a weenie, a pussy, or a wuss.
· You know how to play Magic, the card game (with rare exceptions).
· You have never mooned anybody.
· You live online (i.e. you forget what day it is).
· You honestly can't figure out what BAMF stands for.
· You have literally said "FYI","LOL",or "BTW" in a conversation.
· You ever liked pokemon or powerrangers. Sorry, you're pretty much tainted for life. The cleansing rituals are excruciating.
· Speaking of excruciating, you use long words to make yourself sound smarter.
· You enjoyed driver's ed.
you might want to fix this

Sorry, you're not a BAMF. In fact, you're smelling up this webpage. Come back with some balls (ladies too). There is little hope for you, get out of my presence.

Are you a BAMF yet? Sign the list below. (It shows one random member at a time, you have to click the link)