AIM, the only thing AOL ever did right

Molofan1000: but I am in a band
Blizard1234: cool
Molofan1000: yah
Blizard1234: collin and the jews?
Molofan1000: no
Molofan1000: that disbanded a while ago unfortunately
Blizard1234: too bad
Molofan1000: Colin lives in LA now I think
Molofan1000: yah
Molofan1000: he's either in college or a starving actor
Blizard1234: lol
Blizard1234: possibly both?
Molofan1000: probably
Molofan1000: yah

AHSTRB4CzrLA: you're not promoting animal fat, I am
Blizard1234: ok
Blizard1234: you do that
AHSTRB4CzrLA: yes I do
AHSTRB4CzrLA: lard makes the best pie crusts
AHSTRB4CzrLA: for chemical reasons
Blizard1234: hmm, never heard of that
AHSTRB4CzrLA: the worse a fat is for you, the better pie crust it will make
Blizard1234: well, that goes with the rules that...
Blizard1234: the worse it is for you, the better it tastes
Blizard1234: normally
AHSTRB4CzrLA: because the fat chains in really saturated fats (like lard) are super
long, so the make the crust flakier
AHSTRB4CzrLA: like transmission fluid
Blizard1234: i think Mcdonalds will kill america
AHSTRB4CzrLA: I've heard it's nice and sweet
Blizard1234 yeah, i have too
AHSTRB4CzrLA: I think I will kill McDonalds
Blizard1234: no wait...that's antifreeze
AHSTRB4CzrLA: that's right
Blizard1234: you could save america by doing that
AHSTRB4CzrLA: I could convince Al-Quaeda that McDonalds is the most influential part
of American Culture
Blizard1234: wouldn't be hard
Blizard1234: it's true
AHSTRB4CzrLA: and if it was obliterated it would destroy us
Blizard1234: where would we get cheap toys made in China?
AHSTRB4CzrLA: then I would tell them that Burger King is also influential
Blizard1234: if there was no mcdonalds?
Blizard1234: that's a long way away, to get a happy meal toy
AHSTRB4CzrLA: Taiwan then
AHSTRB4CzrLA: that's closer
Blizard1234: yeah, that's closer
Blizard1234: barely
Blizard1234: i'm thinking california, they have enough people
Blizard1234: or maybe Tigard
AHSTRB4CzrLA: yeah
AHSTRB4CzrLA: change it into a developing, communist nation
Blizard1234: it's about time
AHSTRB4CzrLA: (Tigard)
Blizard1234: what have they done for the nation lately, anyways?
AHSTRB4CzrLA: I'll tell Al-Quaeda to sink California
AHSTRB4CzrLA: nothing yet
Blizard1234: yeah, cause they have lot's of Mcdonalds
AHSTRB4CzrLA: and because everything in Cali south of San Fransisco needs to be sunk
AHSTRB4CzrLA: I'll make them spare 'Frisco
Blizard1234: yeah, thing were just better when the west coast was under water
AHSTRB4CzrLA: it's a pretty nice place
Blizard1234: like 20 million years ago
AHSTRB4CzrLA: before Republicans
Blizard1234: and cheesburgers
Blizard1234: which are almost the same thing anyways
AHSTRB4CzrLA: no, bacon and Republicans are the same thing
Blizard1234: what if it's a bacon cheeseburger?
AHSTRB4CzrLA: that's George Bush
Blizard1234: ah, the missing link

AHSTRB4CzrLA: if Jeb Bush runs for President after George, I think I'll join the protesters
AHSTRB4CzrLA: in portland
Blizard1234: i'll help
AHSTRB4CzrLA: and get pepper sprayed
AHSTRB4CzrLA: and cry
AHSTRB4CzrLA: then get shot with rubber bullets
AHSTRB4CzrLA: and hit with nightsticks
Blizard1234: i saw an ad for this stuff that nulls the effect of pepper spray
Blizard1234: you spray it in your eyes
AHSTRB4CzrLA: oooh...
Blizard1234: that could be useful

marlanbeck: so tell me bout urself
Blizard1234: well, what do you want to know?
marlanbeck: i dunno speak
Blizard1234: well, i left my sales pitch in my other pants
marlanbeck: well then go gedt them,
Blizard1234: my other other pants
marlanbeck: wow ur really starting to piss me off now

Curt 3 31: new theory: 80s songs translate best into midi
Blizard1234: but does crap translate into noncrap?
Curt 3 31: of course not
Curt 3 31: its just a song like "sweet dreams" sounds prety much the same in
midi as well as mp3
Blizard1234: true
Curt 3 31: but it is still crap
Blizard1234: so the translation really has nothing to do with the quality
Curt 3 31: now
Curt 3 31: er
Curt 3 31: no
Blizard1234: interesting
Curt 3 31: yeah

jamminjasscat: There is a fine line in the human being that separates one half
of a person from the other. Without its existence, life as we know it could never
have existed. It is a space that allows out only what is taken in. It is a void that
must remain open and free, lest an emergency descend upon us. Though it is often the
cause of many struggles, we must learn to appreciate it, for without our butt cracks,
we are nothing.

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