August 20th, 2004

Upon the break of daylight, I embark on a great journey to a land of corn and beer, of all things strange and wonderful and to meet my destiny in the world of academia. My entourage meets this opponent armed with a plethora of musical trivia, polyatomic ions and senechdoche, coupled to the awesome and horrible power of frisbee (the ultimate variety). Fear not, gentle reader, for this website shall and will endure, a tribute and monument to a life not entirely squandered. Harken however, gentle reader, for no earthly wisdom can yet say whether father time will provide for the continuance of this increasingly precious commodity. News of the world abroad shall possibly be scant and far between, to be sure, yet one who is faithful and maketh the suitable sacrifice daily or upon fortnights may perhaps glimpse a sliver of future days, for good or ill. In peace, may you go all.