To the tune of "YMCA"
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Breakdown, all computers will crash, I said
Meltdown, society will collapse, you can
Countdown, on the way to disaster at two zero zero zero
Young man, auto-deposit fails
I said old man, your checks are lost in the mail
So just go down, to your survivalist refuge at two zero zero zero
Windows will crash when it's Y......2K
Your files are trashed when itís Y......2K
Your microwave wonít cook
Youíll have to read a book
Better learn to bait a hook
Airplanes wonít fly when itís Y......2K
Engines will die when itís Y......2K
Your telephone wonít dial
Youíll have to walk for miles
When your Visa wonít work at the pump
Mr. Cobol, you can never retire
At the shop mall, your credit card will expire
It will lowball, your investment portfolio at two zero zero zero
Broker, are your stocks still so high?
I said joker, out the window youíll fly
Itís a soaker, when the markets collapse at year two zero zero zero
Are you OK for this Y......2K
Whoíll save the day when itís Y......2K
Will disaster strike
Can we plug up the dike
Can we live like the Amish now
Water won't run when itís Y......2K
Better stock up when itís Y......2K
Washing machines will fail
All of your clothes will smell
Your maid will tell you to "Go to hell!"
Food will be scarce when itís Y......2K
Canít find a hearse when itís Y......2K
Famine will prevail
Existence will be hell
Only Bill Gates will survive
Prices will hike when itís Y......2K
Sadaam will strike when itís Y......2K
Nukes will rain down
On your city or town
Better DIG A HOLE in the ground!


Lyrics © 1999 by Clinton Wittstruck